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HQ Membership Card

Get access to HQ shared space, discounts, perks, events space and many more!

01 Access

Shared office or booking a meeting room, HQ Membership gets an access to HQ shared space at any time!

02 Perks

A wide range of discounts on professional services, legal, marketing, bookkeeping and many retail outlets!

03 Community

A community of over 100+ startups under one roof

HQ Starter Pack

Get your HQ Membership Now!

Early Bird Offer

BD 400


  • 1x Flexible desk
  • 1x Complementary meeting room access/month
  • Access to a wide range of perks and benefits

Digital Experience

We provide a digital experience to our startups and small businesses. A unified application that helps you access the space, get in touch with the members, view your plan, and many more!

One Application, All Services!

Download HQ Application now to book and manage your space, your way.

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